She Cat Lair


Welcome efuryone to my She Cat Lair.
I hopes you will be comfy here. I haz twied to create several spots for relaxation, fun & noms. I haz also gots a training room to keeps us in shape.

This is the lounge where wez meets up to chat and form our plan:

But, if adventure is more your style, I haz the purrfect spot right thru the first door:

Here you will find my poker room:

All currency is accepted – just makes your deposit with my banker:

 Of course the preferred currency is NIP –  in any shape or size:

Now when you needs a break from the table, I have a nice place to hang out:

Over in the corner, you will find our facilities. We haz several scattered throughout & all in a quiet spot, as we likes our privacy:

 And when you gets hungry – right next door is the Sushi bar:

 And up this staircase is another lounging area and our rooftop bar:

Pwease enjoy the view and relax wif a dwink & some noms. We haz lots to choose from but these are from the Sushi bar downstairs.

See, I told you it waz a gweat view – kick back, relax and enjoy.

We have a fully stocked bar serving up a variety of dwinks including all your favorites:

  And, as a personal choice is my tequila wall:

I would not forget the bacon beer:

And a must have -- my own creation -- The Tattle Twister:

As you can see from the lounge area, we haz a view of the lake. For those that prefer up close and personal, I do have secret route to get to a private viewing room. SO, just go thru this secret door...

And down the hall…
Keep going – it’s not much further.

And here we are!

If you don’t feel like the walk, you can still get a gweat view at our aquarium:

Now with all the great noms we have had, we need a place to keep us fit:

As you can see, I have a guest that haz finished his workout. Now, as comfy as the floor looks (where are those damn pillows?) I do have other more pleasant places to rest up and get pampurred.

 Go right up the stairs thru the middle door to the Spa:

The Spa has everything an Anipal needs to relax:

Refreshing in the spa is always a treat, but if you prefer to be pampurred in private, there is another location for that:

After the purrfect spa, we can relax here in the library...

or head next door to the green room to get in touch with our wild side:

Just beyond the green room is our solarium:

Next, we have an all-natural lounging area for those that want to kick it old school:
As you can see, I have QC work being done on the trees. We want to make sure it is up to par for all my pals and yes, they have been weight tested.

Now you may ask how I can have all these locations, well I have a special room that is OFF LIMITS to all guests. I have been able to acquire TARDIS technology, so, there is ample space. I have yet to get the time travel part working, but will keep you informed on the progress.

The Tardis technology wasn’t cheap; I had to come up with several cases of fish fingers & custard. And now this new guy wants Pompeii artifacts.

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